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What's Biting Now?

Capt R.J.'s  Palm Beach Fishing Report

07/21/21  Dolphin, wahoo, kingfish, blackfin tuna, sailfish; you name it, we've caught it this week!


07/09/21  The dolphin bite has been fairly consistent with most of the fish being harvested offshore about 11-12 miles.  Kings and bonito have been the catches inshore, and we have nailed a couple nice blackfin off of the kite.


06/12/21  Bonito starting to show up along with some kings, a few tuna, some dolphin and the occasional sail.


05/16/21  Dolphin are around!  3 days of double digit catches and a few blackfin and sails!


05/04/21  Wow!  All I can say is Wow!!!  The sailfishing is lit up right now!  Check out our photos page for the latest action!

04/24/21  A few sailfish in our area still, as we wait for the spring dolphin fishing to fire off!


04/08/21  Pretty quiet week this week, a few sails caught , a cobia and some kings and bonito, hopefully things improve and the dolphin start showing  up.


03/18/21  Catching a little bit of everything right now!  Sailfish, dolphin, wahoo, just to name a few!


03/06/21  Sailfish is the name of the game!  We have been waiting all year for some fish to show up in our area and now they have!  Multiple hookups are becoming more common as these fish travel in packs!


02/13/21  A great catch today!  We completed the offshore Slam with a kingfish, dolphin, and wahoo

01/27/21  Sailfish has been our primary target these past few weeks, with most of our catches being shallow, within 100 feet depth.  We have caught some spanish mackerel on the beach and some kings off the Breakers.  Time your trip after a cold front for the best results!

12/31/20  Well, this week has been an interesting one.  Fishing has been all over the map with some great days and some not so great days!  We have caught just about everything, dolphin, wahoo, kingfish, sailfish, bonito and barracuda.  We're waiting for that monster tuna to bite!  Expect the numbers of sails to increase as we move further into winter!


12/05/20  Gearing up for some spectacular winter sailfishing!   A day or two after the passage of a cold front will give the best action!


11/15/20  Green water has been a nuisance these past few trips.  We had a great day on Sunday with a sailfish release and 8 keeper dolphin on the troll out in the blue water.  


10/23/20  Catching a few dolphin on both live baits under the kite and trolling.  Most have been caught right out front of Palm Beach Inlet.


10/12/20 Apologies for the lack of correspondence, been busy thats all.  Dolphin fishing has been fair with most days seeing 5 shots at keeper fish.  The occasional wahoo we have caught as well, and sail bites can happen at any time.  


08/17/20 Caught some nice blackfin tuna and a dolphin off of Singer Island today.


08/15/20 Today we fished the contractors tournament with the fellas from Milwaukee Tools.   Caught a few kings off the 120 ledge by the Juno pier.  Ended up with a sailfish release just south of Jupiter inlet, same depth.


08/09/20  Incredible experience today as we hooked into a blue marlin!  600 feet of water right out front of Palm Beach inlet!

07/30/20  Fishing offshore we found a few dolphin to bend a rod, even saw a blue marlin chasing bait out in 1300 feet of water!

7/09/20 Scouring the depths for dolphin was all for not today as we found decent patches  of sargassum with no fish on them.  Returning to the inshore reef system we dropped live pilchards down and caught some mutton snapper and a nice barracuda before the sharks moved in and invited themselves to the party.


06/17/20 Lots of fish to bend a rod off of Palm Beach this week.  Blackfin tuna have been scattered in the 300 foot range as well as some dolphin.  Bonitos and kings are plentiful just off the reef and sharks are everywhere in shallow.  


03/06/20 Today we had a triple header on sails!  After some slow fishing out front of Palm Beach Inlet for days, we decided to head north and it paid off!


12/31/19  Sailfish in our area!  Time your trip after a cold front to facilitate the most action!


11/29/19 Today's trip we caught one out of a double header on sailfish.  Congratulations to 11 year old Landon for cranking in his FIRST SAIL!


11/27/19  Wahoo in our area!  Today we caught 4 out in 920 feet of water along with a dolphin, numerous bar jacks, a bonito and even a shark!  


11/08/19  Nice gaffer dolphin caught out in 675 on a well defined weedline!


10/12/19  Today was a fun day out there!  We started out kite fishing with live baits and were harassed by small barracuda which burned through our bait supply with the quickness.  A nice edge formed up in the 140 foot range when the tide changed and we caught our first dolphin.  Moments later, a sailfish popped up into the spread but was only a "window shopper" and soon faded away.  A few more cuda cut offs and we were down to our last bait.  All of a sudden another sail was there and it was game on!  Brandon from Texas got to release his "first sailfish!"  After that action we switched to trolling and right about that time a squall rolled in so we decided to maneuver  offshore.  Out in 500 feet we found a large piece of debris and caught 2 more nice dolphin.  Soon it was time to head in so we trolled along the backside of the storm and right into the inlet.


07/06/19  Typical summer fishing off Palm Beach for the last month or so.   Scattered schoolie dolphin, the occasional blackfin or skipjack tuna, and numerous kings and bonito inshore on the reef.  Half day morning trips are ideal because of afternoon thunderstorms that occur almost daily this time of year.


06/02/19 Another nice dolphin catch yesterday with a 20+lb cow caught out in the 900 foot range.  Today we caught a massive sailfish while live baiting in 720!  The big fish are out there folks, and just like the lottery you have to be in it to win it!


05/19/19  Four days back to back starting off with some rough conditions on Thursday.  Fishing right out front we had a tough day only catching some bonito and a king.  Friday the seas had layed down and we caught 8 dolphin an a 30lb blackfin tuna!  Saturday brought more dolphin action on the troll.  Sunday more schoolies, a tuna, and some kingfish,  and a hammerhead!


05/11/19  Nice 20lb dolphin caught today!  Amazingly enough we lost that fish at the boat and incredibly she ate another bait after being hooked for a number of minutes.  Just goes to show you:  Never give up!!!


05/04/19  Fun trip with some girls that love to fish!  Dolphin and some tuna caught trolling out in 540 feet of water just south of the dodge wall.


04/24/19  Yesterday and today both tough trips with relentless scattered weed posing as quite an obstacle towards our perfect trolling spread.  Despite the constant cleaning of baits we managed some tuna and a couple keeper dolphin as well.


04/17/19  Trolling was the name of the game today, as we caught numerous dolphin and a tuna from 100 out to 650 feet amidst the scattered piles of sargassum.  We even caught a big houndfish on our shotgun bait out in the deep!  


04/13/19   Did a little trolling this morning with a rough chop on the water and lots of scattered trickle weedlines.  Caught a couple small dolphin, some bonito, a skipjack tuna and the highlight of the day was a beautiful sailfish caught on a bonito strip!  Expect the action to get better and better as we progress further into spring. 


03/25/19  2 for 3 on sailfish and a nice 15 lb gaffer dolphin right out front on the livebait.  Cobia being caught on the wrecks also this week.  Rough seas ahead in the forecast however, we will keep you posted after this front moves through.


03/20/19  All this inclement weather should pass by Thursday night and leave us with some ideal conditions for flying a kite with live baits for sails.  Don't miss this opportunity to catch your sailfish!


03/07/19  Sails are here!  Today we had some great fishing with two double headers and two singles on sailfish!  Most of our bites came in 145 feet of water on top of a bait ball right our front of the inlet.  Kings were also out in force every time we slid into 115.  This is the kind of fishing we only dream about, if you have been thinking about catching a sailfish, now is the time! 


02/23/19  Dolphin and a big wahoo provided some action for us out off of Juno ledge.  Sailfish seemed to have slid back to the north as many boats in our fishing grounds had a hard time finding them.  The next cold front should push 'em back our way!


02/22/19  Looking forward to getting back out there and getting in on some of the dolphin and sailfish action there has been off of Juno pier.  6 hour trip tomorrow should give us enough time to head to the productive grounds.


02/17/19  After a LONG afternoon of dangling livies under the kite Jeff Lewis from New Jersey finally caught his FIRST SAILFISH!  And it was a big one too!  Nice job Jeff, Congratulations!


02/08/19  Dolphin out in 750 feet of water right out front of Palm Beach Inlet.  Overcast sky's with scattered showers covered most of the nearshore waters but offshore it was a beautiful day!


02/03/19  Slow fishing still plagues us in our area.  WSW winds are never favorable conditions no matter what time of year it is.  We decided to head offshore in hopes to get lucky and find that magical piece of floating debris.  While trolling we had a bite from a decent gaffer dolphin but unfortunately she came unbuttoned.  After finding only fast moving schools of tuna that would not bite even feathers, we came back in and bump trolled live-bait for a while.  Our last resort involved dropping down over the wrecks to try to bend the rod on an A.J. or a shark.  Even those were hard to coax into biting, but we managed to hook up a couple times.


01/25/19  Dolphin caught on the troll, livebait under the kite only produced a few king bites.  The bulk of the sailfish still linger to the north.  It's bound to happen one of these fronts and the mass of bait and fish will be parked right out front of Palm Beach Inlet!


01/17/19  Finally!!  Some cooler air has moved into our region.  Expect the sail bite to increase dramatically as these fronts provoke these fish to swim south.  A few dolphin and plenty of kings will be in the mix as well with the winds out of the northwest as the ideal conditions for kite fishing.  This is the time of year that we wait all year for folks!  Charter a trip today!


12/30/18  Hot and flat conditions persist in our area and really are affecting the bite.  Sails are few and far between and the most action has been from kings,  We need some cool weather to fire these fish off again!

11/18/18  Steady NE winds chopped up the seas today and formed up many east to west weedlines in 450 to 120 feet of water.  We worked those lines back and forth along the condos up to the north end of Singer Island and caught 4 dolphin up to about 18 pounds.  All were nice gaffers and these quality fish really made our day!


11/15/18  Put together a nice corporate charter with a group that fishes with us annually.  Trolling seemed to do the trick with a few wahoo caught as well as some football blackfin tuna.  Sail bite was slow due to the approaching cold front (we got soaked as the front hit us at around 11:00!)  Watch out for the sail bite to improve once this cooler weather sets in.


11/2/18  Pretty good fishing today on a six hour trip, we managed to find some nice dolphin out in around 900 feet of water right out front of the inlet!  The blackfin tuna bite has been outstanding as well with numerous bites between 100 and 300 feet right out front and to the south by the Breakers.  Sails are going to start showing up here along with the cooler weather!  Get ready for some action! 


10/28/18  Welcome to our new "fishing reports" page!  Stay tuned for the latest happenings on board the Gin Clear!

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